Advertising in our Newsletter

Between April 9 and  April 18, 2021 3,000 newsletters will be delivered to every house and business in Nob Hill and 600 will be distributed to area businesses. Advertising in our Spring ’21 Newsletter is easy.

If your business or residence is within the boundaries of the association (Girard Blvd, Lomas Blvd, Washington St. and Garfield St.) you qualify for LOCAL rates and will receive priority acceptance if space is limited.

Below are our normal advertising rates.

To help local businesses damaged by the pandemic we are offering ads in our Fall’20 Newsletter at a 10% discount off these rates.

If you reserve and pay for 2 issues we are pleased to offer a 20% discount on the pair.


Business Card                    $63.00                                             $72.00

¼ Page                                $125.00                                            $144.00

1/3 Page                             $190.00                                             $215.00

½ Page                                $250.00                                            $288.00

Full Page                             $500.00                                            $575.00

We need your ad in .JPG OR .PDF format.

To reserve please email your name, phone, email, ad size, number of issues, payment amount and method to your advertising contact or to Lucille at or call her at 250-3860.

Deadline for ad copy and payment is February 28, 2021.

Payment Options

You can mail a check to:  Nob Hill Neighborhood Association,  PO Box 4875,  ABQ, NM 87196-4875, ask us for a PayPal invoice or send via our PayPal Profile

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