At the annual member’s meeting on September 27th, 2018, the NHNA membership adopted the following bylaws which are currently in effect. PDF version.

Your board of directors has developed a proposed amendment to our bylaws that is intended to bolster the integrity of our association and its board. At our annual member’s meeting on September 26, 2019 members will vote whether to amend our bylaws to remove the current ARTICLE IX and replace it with this:

ARTICLE IX PROPOSED; ARTICLE IX INTEGRITY OF THE BOARD Integrity of the Association and its Board is a primary goal. Directors are expected to safeguard the reputation of the Association.

Section 9.01 POLITICAL ENDORSEMENTS The Association, as an entity, shall not endorse any candidate for election or appointment. A Director may individually endorse a candidate and may identify themself as a Director, exercising diligence to communicate that it is not an endorsement by the Association. The endorsement shall not be part of business or discussion in Association meetings or communications.

Section 9.02 DIRECTORS ON BOARDS OF OUTSIDE GROUPS The Association encourages Directors to participate on outside boards, commissions, coalitions and similar groups. When such an outside group has business before the Association the Director shall advise the Board of the facts and consider recusal from voting on the matter. If the Director does not recuse the Board shall have the option, by simple majority vote, to enforce recusal of the Director from voting on the matter.

Section 9.03 CONFLICT OF INTEREST Directors shall not use their position to benefit or promote their own or a client’s interests. If a Director has a personal, political, or financial interest, such as an interest in a development project, or representing a developer, or being on a development team for a proposed project, the Director shall be considered to have a conflict of interest, shall advise the Board of that conflict of interest, and shall recuse himself or herself from voting on that matter. If the Director does not recuse themself the Board shall have the option, by simple majority vote, to enforce recusal of the Director from voting on the matter.

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