Crime Statistics

For our August meeting, Laura Kuehn of APD Southeast Command got us some traffic accidents on Lead and Coal between 2010 and 2012.

At our 31 May 2016 meeting, Commander Griego presented statistics on traffic accidents on Lead and Coal.

Update 26-Mar-2016: The Albuquerque data on now only goes back six months. Here’s the last six months around Morningside Park (this link is good until 26-Mar-2017).

APD Crime Analysis Unit prepared these statistics for us: Nob Hill Crime Statistics September 2015.

APD now provides crime maps via the website You can select the date range by clicking the dates at the top.

Another interesting source of crime statistics is

Older Maps

Here is a copy of some of the summaries of crime reports in our neighborhood that we receive from the Albuquerque Police at our monthly crime prevention meeting. The newest summary maps are first.

Nob Hill June 2014 Map New Format from APD

Nob Hill April 2014 Map

Nob Hill March 2014 Map

Nob Hill February 2014 Map Map summary for Jan 28 to Feb 24, 2014

Nob Hill Neighborhood Association Map January 2014

Nob Hill Neighborhood Association December 2013 Map

Nob Hill Neighborhood Association November 2013 Map

Nob Hill 092413 – 102813 Map  Map summary for Sept 24 to Oct 28 2013

Nob Hill 073013 – 082513 Map  Map summary for July 30 to August 25, 2013

Nob Hill 062513 – 072513 Map

Nob Hill 052813 – 062313 Map

Nob Hill 073112 – 082612 Map  Map summary for July 31 to August 26, 2012

Nob Hill 062612 – 073112 Map

Nob Hill 052912 – 062412 Map


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