Caring for Your Nob Hill House

445 N Hermosa no date picassoed

CABQ Preservation Planner Leslie Naji recently completed a handbook for owners of historic homes who want to renovate sensitively, retaining historic character and enhancing property value. It gives advice on foundations, stucco, roofs, porches, doors, and windows as well as guidelines to preserve historic streetscapes.

The earliest part of Nob Hill dates back to 1916 and some neighborhoods are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The National Register is the official register of places that have been determined by the Secretary of the Interior to be worthy of preservation.

Nob Hill relies on property owners to preserve its historic character. And one does need a building permit from CABQ Building Safety Department, 924-3857.

Find the new handbook at

Contact Leslie at 924-3927 with questions.

(photo: 445 N. Hermosa Dr. ca 1935)

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