Modifying Your Property

Construction and uses of property in Albuquerque are regulated by the Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO)

The ordinance is updated annually.

All construction, including buildings, walls, and carports requires a building permit from the CABQ Building and Safety Division, 924-3838. When a property owner applies for a permit the Zoning Enforcement Office examines the construction plans for the proposed work to assure that the use is permissive, heights are within the allowed limits, and the setbacks of  proposed work from property lines are allowed by the IDO.

All walls and fences require a permit. If you are considering building walls or fences see this important information.

Some uses require a conditional use permit.  If setbacks, or height of the proposed work are beyond those allowed the IDO requires the property owner to seek a variance.  These permits and variances, collectively known as special exceptions, are sought through the CABQ Zoning Hearing Examiner (ZHE). Get advice from the Examiner at 924-3894.

When a property owner seeks these permissions the IDO requires them to advise affected neighborhood associations for meeting and comment. When contacted by an owner Nob Hill Neighborhood Association generally arranges a meeting where all stakeholders can discuss the proposal and the association can develop input to the ZHE. If a property owner requests an informal  pre-meeting the association will set that up too.

We encourage property owners to get early advice from Zoning Enforcement at the number above and from an experienced architect or other design professional and to hire only licensed contractors who are familiar with permitting requirements.

If you are considering renovation or maintenance on the outside of your house and would like advice on how to preserve your house’s historic character you can find valuable guidance on sensitive remodeling from Albuquerque’s Planning Department or contact Leslie Naji in the Planning Department at 924-3927.

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