A person is eligible for official membership if they are a resident, own property, or own a business in Nob Hill.

To be an official member of the association, any eligible person must pay membership dues of $10.00 annually, and any eligible business must pay membership dues of $20.00 annually (“Dues”). Any eligible person or legal entity may request a waiver of its dues and the board may, at its discretion, grant a waiver.

For dues paid before June 1st, membership ends at the Annual Meeting in September; after June 1st, membership ends at the Annual meeting in the next calendar year.

The one benefit of official membership is the right to vote at the annual member’s meeting and eligibility to serve on the board of directors. However, dues support a number of the activities of the NHNA including the newsletter, the website, the email list, and outreach events.

Join today! Provide your name, address, email, telephone, and check to Nob Hill Neighborhood Association, PO Box 4875, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87196 or contact our treasurer. You may also pay with Paypal, below.


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