7-11 Store at Solano and Central Limits Alcohol Sale

On January 27, 2020 Mayor Tim Keller announced an agreement with the owner of the store to take steps to reduce the public nuisance the store causes to the nearby area. The agreement follows years of complaints from the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association and its members which culminated in a declaration of public nuisance by ABQ City Council when it passes a bill offered by Councilor Pat Davis.

Under the agreement the store’s owner agrees to:

  • Discontinue sales of bottles of distilled spirits smaller than 400 ml.
  • Install and maintain cameras to monitor the premises and maintain the recorded images for 60 days.
  • Clean outside grounds of the property no less than once every 24 hours
  • Assure that employees who handle alcohol complete a third party’s responsible alcohol service training
  • Require that all employees who may be tasked with selling alcohol are required to assess whether an individual is intoxicated before selling the individual alcohol.

Anyone who observes a violation of NM liquor law (for example sale to an intoxicated or underage person) at any location who would like NM Alcohol and Gaming Division to investigate may email Marlene.Romero1@state.nm.us

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