Annual Member’s Meeting Agenda

September 30, 6:00 pm, Zoom

  • 5:50 pm. Meeting room open 
    • Nickelle and David play Celtic fiddle and guitar
    • Join the Chat if you like.
  • 6:03 Welcome
    • Opening thoughts by Nob Hill poet Tony Hunt
  • 6:10 Introduce directors
  • 6:15 Introduce elected leaders 
  • 6:23 Breakout rooms begin
    • In focus rooms committees
      • share their work
      • celebrate accomplishments
      • collect input about work members would like
      • if members would like to help
  • 6:40: Return to Main Room
  • 6:42 Treasurer’s report
    • Establish quorum (20 paid members)
  • 6:45 How we communicate
  • 6:47 Members’ Survey
  • 6:50 6 focus areas; All are welcome on committees
    • Sign up for NM Register of Cultural Places plaque, drawing Oct. 8; Link:
    • Volunteering: The more who engage the more we can accomplish
  • 7:00 Election of directors 
    • –Tonight is when we elect directors who lead our association’s work. 
    • –We can have up to 15 directors. 7 directors elected last September will continue to September 2021. Tonight we can elect up to 8.
    •  –This service takes a minimum of 4 hours a month for board meetings and meeting prep plus the work you would do if you join one or more of the committees that do the work in our 6 focus areas. Our bylaws require that you be a paid up member before being elected.
  • Introduce members who have submitted their names before tonight’s meeting. 30 second introduction and statement of their interests on the board.
    • –Take names from the floor. 
    • –Treasurer qualify nominees
    • –Vote on directors
  • Recognize members who distribute newsletters
    • –Announce directors…
  • 7:10 Drawing for trees from Rehm’s; must be present to win.
  • Close
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