Board Meeting Agenda for June 14th 2012

Monte Vista Christian Church, 6:30pm

While our agenda for this month has many of our usual business functions, items of broader interest include presentations on the redevelopment of the De Anza Motor Lodge, by developer Rob Dickson, and the Girard Blvd. Master Plan, by City of Albuquerque Policy Analyst Andrew Webb.

  • Call To Order – Stanley Allen
  • Roll Call and Approval of Minutes of May, 2012 Meeting – Greg Weirs
  • Treasurer’s Report – Marty Ennis
  • President’s Report, Introduction of Guests – Stanley Allen
  • Cecilia Café – Ms. Cecilia Baca (5 mins)
  • Zoning Cases: (10 minutes presentation each) Q&A Period
    • No. 4. Under Old Business: 12ZHE-80120 Project#1009216: MICHELLE AND CHARLES TATLOCK request(s) a special exception to Section 14-16-2-6(B)(1): a CONDITIONAL USE to allow an existing accessory living quarters for all or a portion of Lot(s) 22, Block(s) 45, UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS zoned R-1, located on 405 TULANE DR SE (K-16)
    • No. 14. Under New Business: 12ZHE-80160 Project#10092664: TYMN WATERS request(s) a special exception to Section 14-16-2-6-(E)(1): a VARIANCE of 4’ to the 20’ maximum for a proposed addition in the front yard setback area for all or a portion of Lot(s) 20, Block(s) 38, UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS zoned R-1, located on 309 BRYN MAWR DR SE (K-16)
  • De Anza Development – Mr. Rob Dickson, De Anza Developer, LLC (15 mins) Q&A Period
  • Presentation of Girard Blvd. Master Plan Project – Mr. Andrew Webb, Policy Analyst/Planning, ABQ City Council (15 mins) Q&A Period
  • Request to Support Nob Hill Banners on Lamp Posts – Therese Berg, Nob Hill Main Street (15 mins) Q&A Period
  • NHNA Booth at Rt. 66 Summerfest on July 22, 2012 (10 mins)
  • Nob Hill/Highland Sector Development Plan Report of Hearing on Thursday, June 14, 2012
  • District 6 Coalition Report – Susan Michie
  • Report of Newsletter Committee – Dominique Dupont
  • Federal of University Neighborhoods (FUN) Report – Dennis Weber & Greg Weirs
  • Report on Upcoming Outreach Events – Erin Quinn
  • Report on any Public Official Contacts – Marshall Mourar
  • Main Street Liaison Report – Susan Michie
  • Old Business:
    • Update re: Management of NHNA Web Site – Greg Weirs
  • New Business:
    • Election of New NHNA Vice President
  • Adjournment: Next meeting, July 12, 2012
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