Reviving Nob Hill’s Tree Canopy

Outreach Event, Nob Hill Neighborhood Association

What: Presentation and Q&A with Certified Arborist Eric Bishop of Eric’s Tree Care

Why: Trees are critical to our quality of life. Our water utility says: Healthy, mature trees actually help save water by:

  1. Shading the soil, which reduces heat and evaporation
  2. Blocking the wind, which also reduces evaporation and winter heating bills
  3. Shading homes in summer, reducing energy consumption and evaporative cooler use

80% of Nob Hill’s homes were built before WWII. Most homeowners promptly planted shade trees in their yards, often the Siberian Elm imported for the purpose and promoted by Mayor Clyde Tingley. The elms reproduced prolifically through their disc-shaped seed pods which became known as Tingley Buttons (or, by some, as Tingley Dandruff.)

 Today most of those early elms have lived out their natural life. As a homeowner you may be nursing along your original elms, caring for new trees, or considering replacement. This outreach will explore what you can do to move toward a sustainable tree canopy.

We will also cover Water Utility rebates to help cover the costs of tree irrigation equipment, fertilization, and professional tree care.

All members of the Nob Hill community are welcome.

When: Monday, February 24, 6:00 pm

Where: Yanni’s banquet room, 3109 Central Ave NE. Enter through Yanni’s.

Food and Drink: Finger food will be provided courtesy of Yanni’s. Alcohol available at Cash Bar.

Contact Person: Gary 991-1388

Thank you, Yanni’s!


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