Annual Meeting, September 26, 2013

Please join us for the Annual Meeting of the NHNA!

September 26th, 6:30pm
Monte Vista Christian Church

  • Enjoy light refreshments from Flying Star, Mean Bao, and Nosh.
  • Vote to elect the Board of Directors. (See candidates’ statements below.) Consider running for the Board!
  • Find out about the issues affecting Nob Hill.
  • Vote on a change to the NHNA Bylaws. (See below.)
  • Hear what the Board has been doing for the past year.
  • Renew your membership.
  • Tell the NHNA what is important to you.
  • Join us and contribute to improving your neighborhood.

Candidates for Director

The Board of Directors consists of up to 15 Directors. Six Directors are in the middle of their two-year term, leaving nine open positions. (Please see Board of Directors for more information.)

The following candidates submitted a statement by September 20th, and their names will be printed on the ballot. Candidates can also be nominated from the floor of the meeting as write-in candidates.

Tom Carlson

I am the owner of NM PCMD, a computer technology company located in Nob Hill. I also run TechLove, a coworking and configurable event space at the same location – 3901 Central Ave NE. I live with my family in the Nob Hill neighborhood, as well.

I have served on several community and volunteer boards including the NMBPS (Zoo/Biopark Society).

I have over 20 years of business and technology experience. That includes two businesses and several IT related administrative positions.

My personal interests in the Nob Hill Neighborhood are public safety, business and community relations and electronic communications in technology.

Marty Ennis

I have lived in Nob Hill for about 25 years, and love the ambience, walkability, and closeness to UNM, which I attend. Some years ago, I became aware that a neighborhood like ours doesn’t maintain its unique character without a lot of help from the residents. I joined the neighborhood association to learn more about what was happening in the neighborhood and to help keep Nob Hill the special place it is. I have completed a full term, as treasurer, and would like to be elected to a second term.

Gary Eyster

217 Solano NE, 991-1388.

An ABQ native, I have been a civil engineer and a home designer/builder. Melodie and I have restored and managed historic houses in Nob Hill for the past 22 years.

For 10 years I have studied the rich history of Nob Hill with my friend, David Kammer. With him and other neighbors I helped found reDiscover Nob Hill whose aim is to raise the awareness of residents about this resource and to encourage them to preserve the historic character of their house.

I served on your board during the development of the 2007 Sector Plan. I would use my familiarity with it and with other elements of ABQ’s zoning ordinance to preserve and enhance Nob Hill’s community form. I filled an empty seat on your board in July 2013 and am now seeking election. I take an interest in security of our neighborhood. I like to foster an atmosphere of respect and open communication that helps us solve problems and realize opportunities together as neighbors.

Susan Michie-Maitlen

Address: 432 Lafayette Pl NE
Occupation: Retired university faculty
I have been a resident and homeowner in Nob Hill since 2009. During that time, I served as a visiting faculty member at UNM and as a Board member for Nob Hill Main Street, the 6th District Coalition, and most recently, the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association. This experience has given me many opportunities to understand our neighborhood from different points of view. I am well connected to the community and knowledgeable about city zoning codes and our sector plan. As a director over the past 2 years, I enjoyed organizing outreach events, helping neighbors work thru zoning issues, keeping neighbors informed about city developments, and delivering newsletters. My primary goals are to make Nob Hill the most pedestrian friendly neighborhood in Albuquerque and to retain its unique character and sense of place.

Change to the Bylaws regarding Membership

The Board of Directors proposes the following change to Article III, Section 3.01 of the NHNA Bylaws.

Current Text:

The membership year is from September 1 to August 31. Regardless of when a Member pays his or her or its dues, all Memberships expire on August 31st each year and must be renewed prior to receiving any benefits of Membership.

Proposed Text:

The membership year is from September 1 to August 31. Membership dues paid after June 1st will be considered as payment-in-full for the remainder of the current membership year and the following membership year as well; dues are not otherwise prorated. Dues may be pre-paid for additional years to maintain continuous membership.

Reason for the change:

The NHNA accepts dues for membership throughout the year. Occasionally, members renew their membership, while their current membership is active. The third sentence of the proposed text allows the NHNA to apply the dues received to the next year.

The NHNA often mans a booth at events for publicity, outreach, and to accept membership applications; these events are more common in the summer. A disincentive to joining or renewing during these events has been that the dues paid cover less than three months, and in particular do not cover the next annual meeting. The second sentence of the proposed text would remove this barrier.

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