Board Meeting, September 12, 2013


Nob Hill Neighborhood Association
12 September 2013 Board Meeting, 6:30pm
Monte Vista Christian Church

  1. Call to Order, Determine a quorum
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Approval of Minutes of past Meeting
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Marty Ennis
  5. Introduction of Guests, sign-up sheets – Tymn Waters


  1. Guava Tree Café– Intention to move to 3210 Silver Ave, consent of application to the State of New Mexico for a Beer and Wine License. Also the zoning is OR-1 and a restaurant would need to apply for a zone map amendment. Maricarmen Pijem and Diego Barbosa co-owners

UP COMING HEARINGS: (10 minutes)

Notices below are reprinted from the Zoning Hearing Examiner’s Agenda, they are for the convenience of the NHNA board agenda, and they do not replace those on that actual agenda. Any discrepancies refer to the actual agenda.

  1. None


(Calendar acceptance of all reports received prior to meeting, only discussion required)

  1. Girard Master Plan – meeting report (11 Sept 2013)
  2. Sector Plan review task force – open house
  3. EPC review Revolver
  4. Upcoming Outreach Events: Annual Meeting
  5. Public Official Contacts –Marshall
  6. Newsletter Committee – Beverly
  7. District 6 Coalition Report – Ron
  8. Communications Committee – Greg


  1. 301 Solano


  1. MRCOG Sunport transit / BRT
  2. Past Outreach events – Ice Cream Night Out
  3. Loop Road at Jefferson MS – Anne
  4. secretary roles adoption – Greg
  5. updates to Social Media
  6. Parole office – challenges from downtown neighborhoods
  7. Drag racing on Coal Ave – noise
  8. De Anza project
  9. Route 66 stakeholders meeting 20 March – Ron
  10. Airport noise – Beverly new news
  11. Federation of University Neighborhoods (FUN) Report – Greg
  12. Adjournment: Next meeting, Annual Meeting 26 September 2013
  13. Future board dates: 10 October, 14 November, 12 December
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