Morningside Park Presentation Followed by Nob Hill Neighborhood Association Board Meeting August 8th starting at 6:00 PM

The Nob Hill Neighborhood Association will be hosting a presentation from the City Parks and Recreation Department about planned improvements to Morningside Park. All neighbors are encouraged to attend and be part of the discussion. Through the efforts of the Neighborhood Association and your neighbors we were able to secure funding from the state of New Mexico for the project. 

The presentation will be on Tuesday, August 8th from 6:00 PM to 6:45 PM at Monte Vista Christian Church. There will be a break at 6:45 PM. The Nob Hill Neighborhood Association Board Meeting will start after the break. You are encouraged to stay for the meeting but we understand if you need to leave during the break. The Agenda will be posted to the events page of the website.

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