NHNA Annual Meeting: September 27th, 2012

Please join us at the NHNA Annual Meeting, 6:30pm, September 27th, 2012, at Monte Vista Christian Church, 3501 Campus Blvd NE. Meet your neighbors, find out what has been happening in the neighborhood, and hear what the Board of Directors has been doing this year. Refreshments will be served by several Nob Hill restaurants.

We will hold elections for the Board of Directors. We have several candidates (click for statements):

Note that nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the annual meeting. If you are willing to offer at least 4-5 hours a month to your neighborhood, we encourage you to come to the meeting and run for the Board. Be prepared to tell your neighbors who you are and why you are interested in serving on the Board. (Sample questions.)

The annual meeting is an excellent time to join the NHNA or renew your membership. To be an official member of the NHNA, a neighborhood resident, property owner, or business owner must pay annual dues. Membership dues are $10 for individuals and $20 for any eligible legal entity located in Nob Hill. The only benefits of official membership is the right to vote at the annual meeting and eligibility to run for the Board of Directors. However, membership dues support a number of the activities of the NHNA including the newsletter, the website, the email list, and our outreach events.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!


Jim Pinkston

I’m a military retiree who takes care of my mother at home. I grew up in the near southeast and attended Bandelier, Jefferson (when it was a junior high), and Highland. I remember riding my bike to the Lobo and Hiland theaters, the fire Station when it was a real fire station, Lobo Joe’s, checking out a lot of books from the Ernie Pyle Library, and attending UNM track meets at the old Zimmerman Stadium. I’d like to educate people to the fact that it’s “xeriscaping”, not “zeroscaping”, and it doesn’t mean just letting your lawn die. Maybe we could get a grant to help with that. I’m currently the treasurer for a local 501c3 nonprofit dog rescue.

Thanks for your consideration.


Lainie S. Quirk

It would be a sincere honor to join the Board of the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association.  I love our community and have such tremendous gratitude for living in this incredibly diverse neighborhood as a home owner and future business partner.

I purchased my home in February 2011 and it’s been the best decision ever.  I’m originally from Los Angeles, been in New Mexico for 10 years and plan on staying in Nob Hill indefinitely.

For over 25 years, I have been an expert the fields of event production, fundraising, and sponsorship development.  I am active in the Albuquerque business networking communities and frequently meet my clients for business lunches and dinners on Central.

Currently, I am producing in house at Hyatt Regency Downtown Albuquerque as their Senior Event Specialist for events, conferences, meetings and social occasions.  I enjoy bringing people together for all occasions with an original, dynamic flair.

I would love the bring my enthusiasm for co-creation with other to the Board of Directors.  I will enjoy collaborating on ideas that promote the well being of our neighborhood, the visibility of our business sector and the profile of our community as a wonderful destination for New Mexicans and Tourists to explore.

Being a member of many Boards, both past and currently one other presently, I am familiar with protocols, working with the city officials and media to support initiatives and endeavors.

I greatly look forward to the opportunity to strengthen my ties to this community and provide a platform for my contributing ideas for growth and expansion.

Many thanks for your consideration.


Beverly Hill

1. Name, address, phone, e-mail, what do you do for a living?

Beverly Hill, 2920 Campus Blvd NE, Retired technical writer

2. How long have you lived in or been involved in the neighborhood?

I have lived in Nob Hill for 14 years,when I moved here from Santa Fe to marry my husband, who had lived in our house for four years before that.

3. Are you a resident, property owner, or business member?

Property owner

4. What would you like to accomplish as a director?

My primary interest for being on the Board of Directors is to participate in maintaining the desirability of Nob Hill as an urban residential environment. We like living in an area where so many services are within walking distance, including transportation, schools, entertainment, shopping, and dining. There are challenges to keeping a balanced and respectful climate for the residents of such an area. It is also desirable to keep an open and cooperative relationship between the businesses and residents so everyone’s needs can be discussed and met. , We need to work together to keep our delightful area enjoyable for everyone who lives, works, and visits here. I also want to work to ensure, as population of the area increases (as dorms are added to UNM and businesses expand and change in nature) that vehicular traffic does not dominate the neighborhoods to the detriment of an enjoyable residential experience.

5. What are the particular skills and experience you would bring to the board?

I participated in obtaining the traffic management/abatement measures in the area just east of UNM and know what is involved in such a project, should more be needed in the future. also, being visually impaired so not driving, I have a pedestrian perspective that I think will add to an understanding of how to make Nob Hill a more walkable neighborhood for both individuals with physical challenges and the fully able non-vehicular frequenter of the area. making it even friendlier. In addition, I would be willing to help with writing Board materials if a need existed.


Ron Halbgewachs

My wife and I moved to Albuquerque in 1967, first renting a home on Columbia Ave, between Girard and Stanford.  In 1972 we moved to our home on Monte Vista and raised a family of five children.  All of our children attended Monte Vista Elementary School and Jefferson Middle School.  I recently retired from Sandia National Laboratories as a Project Leader for National Security Systems.  During this time we also lived in Washington, DC on two different assignments for a total of eight years.  When we first moved to Nob Hill, the area was in economic difficulty.  There was a small family grocery store where La Montanita Coop Food Market is located and Stromberg’s Clothing Store where Scalo Restaurant is located.  Hoyt’s Dinner Bell Fine Dining Restaurant and Mannie’s Restaurant were the primary restaurants with many motels and gasoline stations along Central.  We have witnessed the fantastic rebirth of Nob Hill, area homes, and streets as it was intended to be.  Professionally, I have served on the Board of Directors and President of an International Computer Users Group, also served on the BOD and President of a Regional Computer Organization that served the universities of New Mexico & El Paso County, industry, & laboratories within that area.  Locally, I served on the early Carlisle Blvd Neighborhood BOD.  I am an Elder and Deacon at First Presbyterian Church.   As a member of the NHNA BOD, I will work to have Nob Hill serve as a strong and exciting attraction for the entire Albuquerque community, continued enthusiastic support for businesses, and encouragement for homeowners to continue to improve our neighborhood environment.


Tymn Waters

I have lived in Nob Hill since 1998, and began on the NHNA board in December of 2011. I am a property owner and own shares in a business in Nob Hill, SMPC Architects, where I am an Architect and project manager.

As a NHNA director I hope to continue helping with issues related to the sector plan, land use and zoning questions and assist members, neighbors and business so Nob Hill remains the best neighborhood in Albuquerque.

I have been on the board of the American Institute of Architects Albuquerque chapter where I help establish the community outreach committee; it lead to serving on the tricentennial committee where I help establish the events for Architecture month. I then spent concurrent terms on the AIA New Mexico board as president. The state board advocates for architects on many matters with an emphasis on lobbying and relationships with elected officials. After those 6 years I wanted to act locally. As a member on the list serve I noticed a lot of the comments pertained to issues related to the built environment. Since this is my forte I met with the board in December and became an interim director. I also coach baseball for Lobo Little League, so some things are fun.

Candidate questionnaire

  1. Name, address, phone, e-mail, what do you do for a living?
  2. How long have you lived in or been involved in the neighborhood?
  3. Are you a resident, property owner, or business member?
  4. What would you like to accomplish as a director?
  5. What are the particular skills and experience you would bring to the board?

Directors are elected to a two-year term, and may serve for two consecutive terms. The Board is comprised of up to 15 Directors. A person must be a resident, property owner, or business owner in Nob Hill (boundaries) and must be an official member of the association.


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